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Getting started with POP CLI (Command Line Interface)

Our alternative method of uploading using the Simple Page Plus plan is through the POP CLI (Command Line Interface).  POP CLI offers the ability to upload multiple folders to POP.

Note: This requires the prior installation of node.js and updating of npm.  For a detailed guide on how to install node.js and update npm please click here

With node.js installed and npm updated open your terminal or command prompt and you can now get started by installing POP CLI!

Open your terminal or command prompt and enter:

npm install -g popcli

Please wait while POP CLI is installed completely or you may risk halting the installation

Available Services
  • Simple Page (web page builder)
    • Upload a file or contents of a folder to use as your simple page.
  • Domains Management
    • List domains in your account.

-u, --user=ARG    POP username
-p, --pass=ARG    POP password
-d, --domain=ARG  Domain name to manipulate (not always needed)
-h, --help


Simple Page

To upload the contents of your files/ directory to use as your Simple Page:

Supported file types: gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, png, ico, svg, bmp, pdf, doc, docx, csv, txt, js, css, htm, html, xml, xls, xlsx, json.

popcli --pass=xyzzy simplepage upload files/

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