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Getting started with the POP Simple Page!

Rejoice!  Every domain in POP comes with a free webpage that you can edit with our Simple Page editor. 

The video below provides a brief walkthrough, including tips and tricks on how to select a layout, upload your own images, change fonts/styles, and even add/remove elements from the page. Watch it now!



Hi, POP community! Elicia here. I’m the Human Experience Ambassador here at POP. I make sure using POP is as easy as we say it is!
With our Simple Page editor so you can get even more out of your free webpage with POP. In this video, I’m going to build a Simple Page from scratch in 5 minutes to show you just how easy it really is.
Whether you’ve got a new domain or want to refine your Simple Page on your current domain, you always start from your home panel. Just click on “edit my page”.
I’m going to build a webpage for, a company that makes gourmet pet food and treats. I’m going to go to Page Settings and click on Change Theme. If you’re just starting out, the very first time you come to Simple Page you’ll see this pop up to select a layout. Basic is what comes on your domain when you first sign up. It has a spot for your logo, headline, a little bit of text, and your social icons. Pretty...basic. Advanced has additional features like a content section with 3 callouts and even a map. Even though I don’t want a map on my page, I’m going to choose Advanced to start because it’s closest to what I want and I know I can edit the page elements in my next steps.
A warning: if you have content on your page, it will be deleted! We recommend saving it in a Word document so you can copy and paste anything you need into a new theme.
All right! Let’s talk about elements. Elements on your Simple Page refer to preformatted content blocks that you can add, remove, and rearrange to build your Simple Page. You can add elements at the bottom - here’s the friendly green button - and from the top under Page Settings. We’ve got elements for [fill in after shooting] help you build out your site.
Let’s go to Rearrange Elements now. From here, you can move the elements around where they make sense. For example, I can just click on this title element and drag it where I want it to be. As you can see here, you can see real-time how it will look.
Great! So the default background with the runner doesn’t really fit for my website, so I’m going to change this image right from the get-go. I’m going to go to Page Settings and click on Background. The background image editor lets you choose from a variety of images that we have in this gallery, but you can also upload one of your own. I really like this one here, so I’m going to select that. You can see the background image change in the preview on your screen. This isn’t saved yet, but the preview allows you to see your changes live. Now that that’s done, let’s save what I have right now.
Next, I’ll change my logo. All initial Simple Pages come with a POP logo on the page, but you can replace it with anything you want. Just hover your mouse over the existing logo and you’ll see an icon appear that allows you to edit. When you click on that green camera icon, you’ll go to the logo editor where you can upload your own.
I already wrote some text for this box here, so I’m going to copy and paste my text. Bear in mind that if you use a text editor like Microsoft Word, you may copy some styles over that you don’t mean to have. We recommend using a basic text editor like Notepad, which is where I’ll be copying and pasting from. Inside the editor, you’ll find standard formatting like bold, italics, underline, bulleted lists, numbered lists, all that sort of thing in your toolbar.
We’ve got another title header right here above our three columns. I like “What we offer”, so I’ll keep that as-is.
Now in the three columns element I’ve got some text to copy and paste in and a couple images to upload. To upload a new image, just hover over the image and click on it to open the upload pop-up. I’ll be using one from my computer, so I’ll just choose file here. To change the text, hover over the text and click inside that section to edit. I’ll just copy and paste my text here.
We don’t really need the map so I’ll get just rid of it by clicking on the trash can inside the element. Make sure you actually want to delete the element because this can’t be undone!
Now for the finishing touches! Under Page Settings, click on Fonts. We’ve created font families for you to choose from to style everything on your page from titles down to text. For Petnificent, I’m going to go with [font name here].
That’s all for a basic Simple Page! I hope you found this helpful and remember, if you have any questions just send us an email to or hit us up on livechat.
Whether you’re new to POP or have been with us a while, thanks! See you again soon and keep it poppin’.

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