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Will my webpage appear in search engines like Google?

There are many different aspects that search engines take into account when listing your website. Below is a list of the main factors that Google and other search engines take into account -- and how you can ensure your Simple Page is best set up to be found:
  1. Age of your website (how long has it been online -- the longer, the better) 
    It is completely normal that your webpage will not be found immediately after you launch it. It usually takes about 2-4 weeks after launch to be listed in the major search engines (i.e. Google). This is because they have crawlers that look for every new website each day around the world, so it takes them time to update their listings. One way to help Google become aware of your new website is by submitting it to be crawled at This still doesn't guarantee immediate listing, but it does help.
  2. Relatable Keywords (does the text within your website match search terms someone typed) 
    Be sure to update the content on your Simple Page with text about your company. Use the types of words that you would expect a potential customer to search for, but make sure that the text is written in a way that is easy to read as well. Google can tell if you are "keyword stuffing" the content and will penalize you for it, so just write good content that will be useful for visitors to understand what you do. The keywords will flow naturally from that... but be sure you are providing enough content for Google to notice it! It is best to have at least 500 words, but they must be good quality. Quality over quantity is the rule. Check out this article on content guidelines for more information.

  3. Regular Updates (how often is it updated - regularly updated sites generally rank better)
    When websites have new content that is added regularly, Google sees that activity and usually will rank it better. It's important to note that this should be additional content on your website, not changing content but keeping the same amount. Adding a blog or news section to your website helps with this. When you are ready to add a blog, you can do that easily with either Weebly or WordPress.
  4. Link Popularity (how many high-quality websites are linking to yours) 
    Ok, this is the hardest one, because it's the one that's the most out of your control. Search engines like to see that other sites are linking to you, because it tells them that you have interesting information on your site. Please do not pay for inbound links, as search engines can also tell if you have a lot of "low quality" bought links as well. The best thing to do is to create partnerships and build a long-term strategy to have useful content and information that others want to link to. Here's a great article with more information on that. 

We hope that is helpful to get you started with your search engine optimization! For further reading, check out our blog post on SEO basics -- with tips and tricks to be sure your content is ready to be crawled. 


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