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How do I create a subdomain?

This feature is available to plans with Full Domain Control added.  Click here to find out more about Full Domain Control.

In this guide, we'll show you how to create a sub-domain using Advanced DNS with POP. There's two primary methods of creating a subdomain, so we'll cover both of them.

First, log in to your POP account and click on the Domain settings button from the Domain Name service.

You'll be redirected to the Simple DNS page. From this page, you'll see a sub-navigation tab for Advanced DNS. Click on this tab to open up the Advanced DNS editor. 

Once you're in the Advanced DNS editor, scroll down to the section for Custom DNS Records. Click on the button in the bottom right for Add New Record. This will bring up a form to enter your new DNS record.

In the above image, we've demonstrated creating a CNAME DNS record subdomain called subdomain which will apply to the domain name Please notice that we did not include the full domain in the Host name input. POP does this for you automatically, so you only need to supply the hostname without the domain appended. Also notice that the Value you enter must point to another domain or subdomain. This means that you would already have to have setup a DNS A record for the domain you want to point to. One way to think of CNAME records is more of a "clone" or "duplicate" of an existing DNS record. You effectively steal the settings that were made on an existing DNS A record. You can even create a CNAME record pointing at another CNAME record, called CNAME chaining, so long as the parent CNAME record points to a valid DNS A record.

Below are examples of correct hostname values for your subdomain within POP:
  • www
  • blog
  • mail
  • subdomain.with.periods

Below are examples of incorrect hostname values for your subdomain within POP:

In the image below, we'll demonstrate creating a subdomain with a DNS A Record. The difference between a CNAME record and an A record is that the A record requires you to enter the IP address of the server you want the subdomain to point to in the Value field (as opposed to entering the domain).:

You can create as many subdomains as you need repeating these same steps!

Why you should create subdomains with a CNAME record instead of an A record.

It's general best-practice to create subdomains with a CNAME record as opposed to an A record because an A record doesn't give you the flexibility of creating "groups" of records with the same common server they point to.

If you manage several subdomains and each needs to point to the same IP address, it makes sense to create a single A record with the IP address and then point each of your subdomains at the A record subdomain. The reason for doing this is that if you ever need to change your DNS records because of a server migration, you only need to change the single DNS A record and not each individual subdomain CNAME record. You've effectively made your DNS records better for handling DNS failover and migration.

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